Ravworks is a free to use third-party market and industry tool, for the player driven economy in EVE Online.

Its functionality is inspired by other tools such as Fuzzwork's blueprint calculator, while aiming for the ease of use of Evepraisal.

One time setup

Set up your personal configuration once. Then each new production plan is a simple three step process:

  1. Enter list of products
  2. Copy-Paste in Materials
  3. Press submit!


Full practical Production Plan


Jobs to be completed

Profit analyses

Invention overview

How do I use it?

Setup your Config

While you can use Ravworks with the default settings, you should first enter your industrial setup in the config section. There you can set the manufacturing efficiencies, taxes, job slots, and other preferences relevant to you. You can also decide which halfproducts of a production tree you wish to buy instead of produce.

Once set up, your configuration is used all over the website wherever applicable!

Production Planner

In the production planner you can simply paste in what you want to build along with your material (and halfproduct) stocks. The planner will iterate through all the production trees. It does this while taking account of: your industry configuration, changes in stock levels, rounding where needed, and ensuring batched products are made in batches.

The info to apply your production plan, is displayed in an intuitive and spreadsheet friendly manner!

Profit Margins

In the Profit Margins section you can keep a list of favourites. This gives a quick overview of the most profitable items to manufacture, given your industry configuration.


The invention tab can be used to analyse the results from using various decryptors or ancient relics. For each invention option it shows the resulting blueprint properties, expected number of successes, and the expected invention cost per success. It also gives the expected manufacturing profit resulting from this blueprint and invention cost.

Support Me

This website is a hobby project and has taken many hundreds of hours to develop! So if you wish to show your appreciation, your support will be very much appreciated!


If you have any questions, make sure you've checked out the FAQ and config tab first. For any remaining questions, feedback, or discussion, get in touch via Discord or the Forums!